Friday, March 11, 2011

Emulator Pause and Resume States

When running any application, the emulator frequently takes up a large amount of CPU usage, and consequently decreases system performance/ battery life (in case of Adam/laptop) significantly.

Here I found the solution for this, There is a way to temporarily pause the emulator, or at least shut down whatever it is that's consuming all the unnecessary CPU

with sdk r9 and later we can snapshot the emulator and quit/restart it fairly quickly, but I'm hoping for something even less invasive to our work flow than that.

You can stop the process by

$ killall --signal STOP emulator

and then, at a later time continuing it by

$ killall --signal CONT emulator
ex:root@jetti-11-desktop:/home/Jetti/Android/Honeycomb/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools# killall --signal STOP emulator
root@jetti-11-desktop:/home/Jetti/Android/Honeycomb/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools# killall --signal CONT emulator
And the other way is : The newest version of adt supports emulator snapshots, means you can just close the emulator and bring it back to where it was quickly. So to solve the performance problem simply close your emulator and restore it when you need it. For this you just check the attached screen-shots for identifying the steps we follow..
1.we have to enable that highlighted check-box,by default it is like 

 And make sure that the before launch we have to enable the highlighted check-boxes like...

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